Interpol Arrests Ghanaian Millionaire Ibra

The police have rounded up a young Ghanaian millionaire Ibrahim Daouda popularly known as Ibra One over allegations of money laundering and fraud.

Ibrah One, who flaunts his opulence on social media, allegedly defrauded a friend to the tune of $400, 000 and also being tracked by Interpol over a $1.2 million money laundering case.

Ibrah, who is very popular on social media, showing off his plush mansions and expensive cars, reportedly received a bank transfer on behalf of a friend but refused to transfer the money to the friend.

The issue was reported to the police. Ibrah One, according to sources, was picked up by Interpol over the two cases at the Airport on his way to South Africa.Insiders say the suspect has vowed to disclose names of key political figures involved in nefarious activities.

Ibrah One is also known for his benevolence having shared iphones to passengers in a bus last year during his birthday.

He is currently in the grips of the CID at the Police headquarters in Accra.

Source: Ghana/