I haven’t had sex for six years now – Maame Dokono

Veteran actress, Maame Dokono, born Grace Omaboe, has not had sex for the past six years, she has revealed.

The mother of six says, there is currently no man in her life and therefore has not had sex.

The 71-year old actress, who made the revelation in an interview on the Delay Show with Deloris Frimpong Manso, said sex “is nothing new…I don’t feel for sex…,” and she has not had sex “almost six years.”

After giving birth to six children, Maame Dokono said she has seen it all went it comes to sex and there does not even “think about it.”

To her, “You have sex when you are in love with the person” and currently she has no one in her life.

Maame Dokono is currently separated from her second marriage. She is not officially divorced but said she has been separated for the past 10 years.

Asked if she is not getting advances from men, she said it is possible the men are scared of her.

Nevertheless, the veteran actress says, “I don’t want to marry again.”

According to her, she is simply not ready to go through the hustle of cooking, washing for any man. “I’m free. I feel free and I can do whatever I want to do,” she said.

Source:: DelayShow