I don’t care if I’m sacked – Auditor General

Auditor General Daniel Domelevo says he does not care if he is removed from office.

He says he compares his job to that of Jesus Christ who did good but was still condemned by mankind.

Addressing the 3rd regional Auditors Bi-annual Conference in Ho, Mr Domelevo encouraged auditors in the country to be bold and confident about their work because nobody can harm them if they are professional with their assignment.

“Jesus Christ did good and people still attacked him, I take inspiration from his story and that is what it should be for auditors, just do your good work, you will still be called a bad auditor and that is fine.

“Be courageous and do your good work, nobody will kill you, the worse that can happen is you lose your job and that is not the end of life. I don’t care if I am removed from office, so if today I am removed life doesn’t end there, my father has a lot of farms, I will go and farm too,” he said.

Mr. Domelevo has gained popularity among Ghanaians over his ability to audit and surcharge high profile government functionaries for bad management of public resources.

His recent work on the GETfund scholarship secretariat has exposed massive breaches of processes and favouritism in the award of scholarships. Some high profile members of parliament who are now ministers have been listed as beneficiaries of the scheme which is intended for the needy.