I disowned my children for a demon – Actor, TT

Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio popularly known as TT, has revealed he abandoned his children and moved in with a woman in Cape Coast.

Recounting the story in tears, ‘TT’ said the mistress maltreated his children whenever he was not at home.

This led to a break in communication between him and his children which he said was now stable. Although he said he had apologized several times to his children, he apologized yet again repeatedly on the Delay show, asking his children for forgiveness.

He remarked that “if I had known of the maltreatment earlier, I would have been serving a life sentence because I would have murdered the lady” since he was made aware later

“I pray that no man will forsake their children and go after a demon” he stated in an interview.

When questioned about his health, he said: “Now that I am sick [and] it is those same children who are taking care of me” while shedding in tears.

Delay Show/Adom