HIV gay man, sleeps with over 500 men in Ghana

 27-year-old homosexual who is HIV positive has made a stunning revelation, claiming that he has had anal sex with over 500 men mostly through unprotected sex.

“[I have slept] with a lot [of men]…more than 500 [men] and I have had no complications whatsoever. I used to list and I got to 250 and that was in 2012.”

Benji (not his real name) who was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2012 stated that he enjoys unprotected sex but does not prevent any of his clients who wants to use a condom.

“Personally I don’t enjoy condoms…I am still having unprotected sex, if you value your life why wouldn’t you put it on because I wouldn’t ask you to take it off,” Benji made the shocking confession in an interview with Starr FM’s Atiewin Mbilla Lawson.

Benji adds that he started having same-sex during his days in secondary school where he also coerced some junior students into having oral sex with him.

“My first experience with anal sex was during my first year in High School, I hadn’t experienced penetration until then. It was in 2007 when we were experiencing the first load power shedding…We wouldn’t go for preps and that is where we do our own thing.”

Ghana’s laws are silent on homosexuality but persons found to be engaging in such acts are mostly attacked and brutally assaulted.

Most African countries also frown on the act and in some countries people suspected to be homosexuals are jailed or

In February this year, the Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Oquaye called for the amendment of Ghana’s laws to completely ban homosexuality and make it illegal.

Source: Starr FM