Majority of us have erred when it comes to absolute refusal. Our stand in backing our conviction on a problem, event or position is always shaking. Infact we have compromise our faith in Christ Jesus one way or the other in our quest to please ; Friends, family, employers, relatives and love ones.

Sometimes we actually mean “NO ” in our hearts but we say “YES “, because we don’t have that firm conviction and grace to say “NO” when we really mean it.

Brethren, it is better to say “NO ” and save yourself the embarrassments than burn insight. Furthermore, it is good to say “NO ” and hurt your love one than say “YES ” to give then temporal comfort when actually you mean “NO ” deep down your heart.

Folks you can change the trend by learning from Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 39:7-21), this gentleman was firm wow his “NO” was no, and his “YES” was yes even if he will end up in PRISON. In actual sense he was having the Grace to Say no to Portiphars wife.

I Pray this day that God will give you the grace to say No to Anything Sinful in Jesus name. Amen.

God bless you.

By Pastor Raymond David Addo. (St Ray)