GRA shuts down GLO over unpaid taxes

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has shut down telecom operator, GLO over unpaid taxes.

The telecom operator’s offices at the Industrial area and Spintex Road were shut down this morning by a GRA task force.

According to the authority, GLO has failed to pay taxes close to GHS11, 884,396.89 million Ghana cedis

The company has since 10th June 2016 refused to pay their taxes despite numerous reminders and cautions from the GRA.

This was disclosed when the GRA embarked on an exercise to close down companies that have defaulted in their tax obligation this morning.

Two other companies—Ohene Media and Kingsman Trading Company were closed down for owing GHS367,586.37 and GHS42016566.58 respectively.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Head of the Task Force Henry Bradford Sam said the authority will clamp down on all companies flouting the GRA Act to rake in the needed revenue for national development.

He stated that the businesses that have been closed down were reminded by the authority on several occasions but to no avail.

“These businesses have being served with several notices to voluntarily disclose and pay their taxes, lawful taxes that they have collected from you and I, but they have failed to make good their indebtedness, and in conformity with section 83 of the Revenue Administration Act,  the Commissioner General has exercised his mandate to collect and recover, the full amount due, in terms of this taxes, duties and penalties,” he said.

Mr. Sam stated that the companies were given about a year to discuss modalities of payment with the GRA but they refused.

“The time we have given them is between six months and one year. We just don’t get up and execute a distress order, we go through a process, we issue a demand notice, if the taxpayer fails to pay by the demand notice, we issue final demand notice, sometimes personal visits, all in an attempt to elicit voluntary compliance, but when these attempts fail then we crack the whip,” he stressed.

“We will resort to the relevant section of the law to exact payment of the taxes due from them,” he added

Source: Citifmonline