Ghc2.7m missing at EOCO

The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) is yet to unravel the mystery surrounding an excess transfer of $619,039.16 (Gh¢2,748,977) to an applicant following a court order, investigations have revealed.

The court, according to checks, ordered that US$366,985 and Gh¢646,188.35 be paid from the EOCO exhibits Account to an applicant, but an excess of Gh¢2.7 million was paid.

According to checks, officials of the investigative body inflated the dollar amount and paid US$986,024.16 instead of US$366,985, leading to an excess transfer of $619,039.16 “without authority.”

“We urged management to recover the excess funds of $619,039.16 or provide justification for the transfer of the amount,” the Auditor General instructed in its 2015 report currently before Parliament.

Also, the report uncovered that six retired staff of EOCO enjoyed “unearned salaries totaling Gh¢22,067.78” between 2013 and 2014.

“We recommended that efforts be made by management to recover the total amount,” the Auditor General recommended.

It added: “A total amount of Gh¢17,254.63 shown as creditors remained on the financial statement without any movement since 2009. We recommended that management investigate and pay off the liability without further delay to enhance financial discipline.”

Source: Starrfm