Ghanaians are not patriotic enough – Sarkodie

BET award winner, Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie says most Ghanaians do not show sense of patriotism towards the country’s music industry.

According to him, Ghanaians rather devote their time to promoting foreign music than promoting local music.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the ‘Almighty’ hit maker indicated: “Patriotism is number one. That is one thing Ghanaians have been suffering from. We are proud and open up to other people than ours,” he said.

The lack of support for Ghanaian music, he said, is a reason for the decline of the industry.

He thus called on Ghanaians to emulate Americans who would promote their contents other than foreign ones.Countries leading in anything are patriotic. America has been using this mind game. They act like they haven’t seen any artistes but Ghanaians don’t do that,” he fumed.

He cited instances abroad where he couldn’t have access to songs hailing from the African continent; a move he believes “we need to adopt to progress onto the international market.”

“In China, people are not allowed to go on YouTube to listen to my albums. If I go to Germany, there are certain songs I can’t listen to,” he explained to host, Bulldog.

Sarkodie, therefore, urged various Disc Jockeys across the country to support the industry players by including more of Ghanaian songs in their playlists.

“Outside they have so many songs they listen before they get to yours. If we can fix that, everything will work. Play Ghana music, they would love it…,” he pleaded.