Ghana mission in SA warns Ghanaians over planned xenophobic attacks

The Ghana High Commission in Pretoria has advised Ghanaians living in South Africa to be vigilant and avoid mass gatherings due to the increasing protests by organised groups protesting against foreigners.

“In the last month, individuals claiming to represent various groups against the presence of foreigners have announced or broadcast plans to attack, rusticate or remove foreigners from their jobs or workplaces and even out of the country from the beginning of September 2022,” the statement said.

It added: “Whilst recognising that this is not a government or state policy, such activities by individuals or groups could degenerate into violence aimed at foreigners or threaten their lives, safety and livelihood.”

The commission advised members of the Ghanaian community to be vigilant and restrict their movements to safe areas.

“Avoid mass gatherings and refrain from engaging in activities that could easily result in conflict, brawls or deterioration in their safety,” it said.

Asaase Radio