Freemasonry is about philanthropy not human sacrifices – Ghana Lodge

The Grand Lodge of Ghana has refuted claims and perceptions that Freemasonry is a secret society engaged in human and other sacrifices for wealth and power.

According to the mother body of Freemasons in Ghana, the group has unfortunately become synonymous with occultism and evil practices of idol worship because of the activities of unscrupulous persons who would do anything for fame and wealth.

However, the Grand Master of the group, Most Worshipful Bro Naval Captain Kwadjo Adunkwa Butan, insists that the primary purpose of being a Freemason is to serve and to make the world a better place for humanity.

“We are humans just like everybody else. We do not possess special powers or have secret gods we worship; and being a Freemason does not give money, power or fame,” he said on Thursday at the launch of the group’s 10th anniversary at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

Another member of the group, the Chairman of the Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee, Right Worshipful, Abraham Gyasi in an interview added that the group was rather into philanthropy.

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“The misconceptions you have been hearing, they are not true, we don’t kill other people, we don’t drink blood, we are not an occult organisation but an organisation of very decent and respectable men,” Right Worshipful Gyasi told the Graphic.

The event brought together individuals from all walks of life, including teachers, public servants, traders, judges, traditional rulers, statesmen, clergymen and farmers.

The ceremony was used to celebrate 10 years of dedication in helping to build a fairer, more kind and just society. The year-long anniversary celebration will also be used to dispel negative perceptions about society.

Source: Graphic