Feli Nuna urges young ladies to abstain from sex before marriage

Singer Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah, popularly known as Feli Nuna, is embarking on a ‘Keep It Till He Ring[s] It’ campaign to encourage young girls to abstain from sex before marriage.

The campaign, according to the ‘Gelaway’ hitmaker, is geared towards creating the awareness for young girls in Senior High Schools and universities to be more careful with their sexual lives.

The singer in an interview with KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM advised young ladies to be very careful about men who deceive young ladies with flashy gifts.

The campaign is set to commence this month and will reach five Senior High Schools in each region of Ghana.

Feli Nuna, who also spoke about her music career, on the other hand stated how difficult it is for her to feature other people.

She claimed that in order for other artistes to earn a feature on her songs, they are supposed to feel and understand her songs.

“I don’t like features. I write my songs from intro to outro and it’s very difficult to put someone on my song. For a feature, I don’t just believe in someone singing or rapping on my song. The artiste has to feel the song as much as I do and invest himself or herself like I do.”

Feli Nuna added that, with the help of her management team, she is beginning to see the importance of features in the industry and declared next year (2018) as the year where she will do collaborations with other Ghanaian and international artistes.

The singer said that she wishes to do collaborations with Bruno Mars and Daft Punk.

“Thankfully, my team is helping me and I’m beginning to realise the importance of collaborations in the industry. It is good to collaborate you know,” she said.

Source: Hitzz