Delta Force members plead guilty to breaking jail

A Circuit Court in Kumasi has fine the 13 members of pro-NPP group Delta Force, who escaped from court GHS2,400 each.

They were convicted on their own plea and fined 200 penalty units. A penalty unit is 12 cedis and they are to pay this amount of face a three-year jail term.

They are also to sign a bond of good behaviour for a period of six months or face a two-year jail term.

Judge Ekow Mensah delivered this judgment Tuesday morning after the 13 pleaded guilty to a charge of escaping lawful custody.

The 13 members of the Delta Force were on trial at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly court last week when some 50 members of the group raided the court and freed them.

They were arrested for last month for vandalizing a state institution and attacking a security advisor of the NPP. 

The Judge had announced that the suspects were going to be remanded for two weeks pending further investigation, a move that did not go down well with the members of the vigilante group who were on the court premises.

In anger, they charged at the judge and demanded the immediate release of the suspects.

Later, however, they turned themselves in and were detained in prison custody.

They were sent to Court Tuesday to face a separate charge of escaping from lawful custody.

But their lawyer, Gary Nimako pleaded for leniency on their behalf, urging the judge to consider the fact that they were first time offenders and in fact turned themselves in after escaping custody.

Joy News’ Mohammed Nurudeen who was in court on Tuesday reported that the 13 were visibly remorseful and appeared sombre.

They are to remain in police custody pending payment of the fine.

Mohammed also said lawyers for the accused have filed an application for bail for the 13 at the High Court.

That case will be heard on Wednesday.

Source: Joyonline