Damba festival starts today

This year’s Damba festival started today [Wednesday], across the entire Northern Region with Tamale as the host city.

People from all walks of life including some chiefs from the Ga traditional area, are participating in the festival which is under theme, “Promoting peace to enhance development.”The Chief of Tamale, Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan in a Citi News interview ahead of the festival said, “This year’s Damba festival is going to be a little different from what we have been seeing. Dakpema Malizali Naa in Accra and the rest are all coming. About two or three chiefs in Accra are coming here to have the celebration with us and I am going to receive all of them and keep them nicely throughout the Damba festival.”

“In the Northern Region, there are so many chiefs they haven’t been here before and most of them have come to plead that they are coming to have Damba festival with us here.”

Dema Naa, Mohammed Hafiz, the Dakpema palace entertainment chief, mentioned activities including quiz competition for some selected second cycle institutions, soccer gala and a health walk as some of the pre-Damba activities.

He thanked the management of Citi FM for their continuous support saying, “We are grateful to the people of Citi FM for always supporting us to achieve our goals. They are our media partners and anything we do they come around and we make it happen.”

“The palace would also want to say thank you to Malizali Naa who is the Boss of Citi FM for supporting us over these years. Everything we want to do he is always there to support us.”

This year’s Damba festival is a significant step on the journey to the restoration of peace, unity and genuine reconciliation in the Dagbon traditional area.

Damba is the most important festival widely celebrated by Dagombas, Gonjas, Mamprusis and Nanumbas in the Northern Region, and also Walas in the Upper West Region.

The festival commemorates the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Nabi Mohammed (S.A.W).