CSM kills two SHS students

At least two Senior High School students have been confirmed dead after they were infected with Cerebrospinal Meningitis in Baku in the Upper East Region.

Eleven others who have also been infected with CSM are in hospital for treatment.

Starr News has learnt that boarding students in the municipality have been trooping to health centers there for testing as they panic over the spread of the deadly disease.

Starr FM’s Edward Adeti reports authorities there are also demanding an immediate vaccination of students and other residents to curb the spread.

Meanwhile, funding for the fight against Tuberculosis is getting thinner making it virtually impossible to eradicate the disease.

Studies show that 27 people die each day from the airborne disease while over 120 people contract it daily in Ghana.

Five people contract TB every hour globally and out of that, 1 person dies.

Authorities are worried at the increase since treatment for it is fully funded for patients.

MP for Ho West Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzera has warned that the reduction in investments for the fight against TB will roll back the gains made.

Source: Starr FM