CPP promises free education at all levels

As the Convention People’s Party (CPP) prepares to launch its manifesto in two weeks’ time, it has promised to offer a free education policy that covers primary to tertiary level.

Speaking to Citi News during a dinner with the leadership of the CPP and foreign ambassadors to Ghana, Chairman of the CPP manifesto committee, Nana Dr. Bright Oduro Kwarteng said the party will reform the educational system to the benefit of Ghanaians.

“The free SHS has been completely blown out of proportion. We don’t need any lectures because the CPP brought universal education free for everyone, and we are going to go by that. Our education policy is from cradle to grave, from kindergarten to university will be free. It is feasible if you can have 126 ministers and over 180 presidential staffers, a lot of personal assistance, and about 5 or 6 consultants staying here and there, it is feasible, the money that we have through our funds will be prioritized. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

He also lamented over the underdevelopment of the country under the NPP and NDC.

“The NPP and NDC must bow their heads in shame. They have failed for 28 years and the people of Ghana trusted them and what have they done? Nothing. CPP will redeem this country, we have done this before. CPP is going to radicalize Ghana politics and when our manifesto hits the street, it will make nonsense of others.”

Give CPP a chance; electing NPP or NDC a waste of vote – Ivor Greenstreet

The flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet had earlier advised Ghanaians against selecting any of the two main political parties; the NPP and the NDC, during the general elections.

He described the many voters who believe smaller parties such as the CPP do not deserve a vote in the poll as persons under a “grave illusion.”

The CPP, according to Ivor Greenstreet, is the only party that rather understands the true aspirations of ordinary Ghanaians.

He also believes only the CPP holds the keys to unlocking Ghana’s socio-economic development.