Consistent Prayer

It is easy to know God by reading his word, spiritual books and listening to audio and video tapes.

Now listen carefully… knowing God is good but experiencing God is the best in the sense that it makes you have that intimacy and intercourse with HIM and also how divinity functions.

Moreover, it gives you that sole privilege to speak command and loose whatever, whenever you hear the Holy Spirit says “Action”.

Brethren I want to introduce you to consistent PRAYER.

See prayer is a necessity for every BELIEVERS survival.

Note that demons are operating 24/7, “Muslims pray 5 times a Day and Christians of today pray 2minutes a day and feel like not praying tomorrow and the next, but we rush back to our knees when in trouble.

Let me tell you, you can avoid that by praying always and even when you don’t feel like praying.

Remember men ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke 18:1) in other words and not be tire of prayer.

Jesus Christ himself started with prayer, continued in Prayer and ended with prayer, how much more human being with flesh and blood and temptations, troubles and jealousy all over? Then we have to cry always without ceasing, because anytime you cease praying GOD stops intervening and when the little anointing on you gets finish, the king of the world (SATAN) takes over and dribbles you till he scores a goal (pain and death).

Finally brethren anytime you pray, you will get fresh anointing to carry on and anytime you pray in spirit you feel like you are not in this world… (you become light and burdenless).

Why? Because, GOD only interferes and intervenes in our LIVES when we PRAY.

By: Pastor Raymond