Christmas Poems And Carols By Frank Akushie

Christmas is here and is a season to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been celebrated for many centuries. Though some believe the exact date may have been modified, his birth and circumstances around it are not only in the scriptures but also evidenced in records kept by Romans who governed Judea at the time and scholars including Jewish scribes.

This new poem or Christmas Carol was written by me with a corresponding tune also composed by myself. It has the English equivalent of the two rhyming verses I originally wrote in Ga. The lyrics encourage us to celebrate Christmas and has the same rhyming pattern in all verses and both languages. The tune for this carol is available on YouTube on channel Frank Akushie.

Gladsomely let us be merrier.

Christ is born in Judea.                                                  

Bethlehem’s Star westwards neareth,

Where The Infant sweetly lies;

Finding Him have three great men wise,

Known as Prophet Micah saw.

Cherubim voices are ringing,

Gladness fills Seraphim’s being.

News of Reverence has been given,

On the meadows and the hills;

Jesu’s born! Within Maria’s fold,

Christmas! With joy we behold.

English equivalents, verses 1&2. Copyrighted to Frank A. Akushie, December 2020.

Churches ,schools and individuals who want the audio or musical notes(scripts) and others who may be interested in  two new children’s books(“Engineer Jehu Goes To Work”, “A Lioness, A Roar In A Den and More”) or other tunes and verses by myself may contact me, Frank Akushie on  and they may only be reproduced or used for financial gain with my permission.

Some other previous publications by me are in the Methodist Sentinel Magazine (No.2/2016, No.1 2017, No.3 2018 and No.2 2019).

  1. Wɔ nyaa ni wɔ mii aʃɛa,

Afɔ Kristo yɛ Yudea.

Bɛthlehɛm ŋulami lɛ ebɛnkɛ,

Heni Abifao Lɛ ka;

Nilelɔi etɛ lɛ eyoo Lɛ,

Bɔni gbalɔ Mikah na.

  1. Tsɛrubim bɔfoi le mii la,

Sɛrafim bɔfoi mii nya,

Nyɔŋmɔ bɔfo lɛ shiɛmɔ eshɛ

Tookwɛlɔi lɛ a ŋaanɔ hu;

Afɔ Yesu! Maria hiɛ Lɛ,

Blonya! Wɔherea Nuntsɔ Lɛ atuu.

Ga text for verses.

(c) Frank A. Akushie  BBA, (Cleveland State Univ.),Dip. DP( KNUST) December 2020.