Bow Wow seen in economy class after claiming he’d taken a private jet

On Tuesday, Bow Wow suggested he was travelling to New York on a private jet.

Being a world-famous rapper with more than three million followers on Instagram, he posted a photo of the plane saying: “Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Trouble is, someone travelling from Atlanta to New York on a regular commercial jet spotted the star sitting in front of him in economy class.

And of course he took a photo.

Another Twitter user has pointed out that not only wasn’t Bow Wow travelling on the private plane, he couldn’t have travelled on it anyway.

The jet was from a stock shot from a website advertising VIP travel from Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow’s been accused of stretching the truth on Instagram.

After posting another photo of a private jet, a Twitter user pointed out that it belonged to someone else.

Someone else has spotted him saying he’d used a private plane before.

Source: bbc