Boti Falls tragedy: Blame management – Deceased family

The family of the deceased man who drowned in the Boti Falls is blaming management of the tourism facility for safety negligence.

Jeremiah Bediako met his untimely death in an attempt to rescue his American friend who was drowning.

An uncle to the deceased, Paul Atta, told Starr News the management of the facility must be blamed over their failure to erect warning signs and the absence of adequate lifeguards.

“We think management of the Boti Falls are responsible for what happened to our brother,” he said.

“For a facility like this attracting a lot of people; there are no warning signs indicating where to go and where not to go… which part is deep, which part is shallow and which part is slippery and where it is not,” Atta stressed.

Atta opined the lifeguards on duty then must also shoulder the blame.

“Even when the lifeguards saw my brother drowning, they never did anything, they didn’t even raise a finger. Is that how to run a facility of this kind?” he questioned, insisting management of the facility should be held responsible for their negligence.

The 32-year old visited the Boti Falls in the Eastern region two days ago in the company of two American tourists.

Source: Starrfm