Blame corrupt African leaders for Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment – Togbe Afede

The President of the National House Chiefs and Paramount Chief of Asogli Traditional Area, Togbui Afede XIV, says US President, Donald Trump’s description of African nations as ‘shithole countries’ is a manifestation of the level of corruption and under-development seen in African countries.

He said corruption has for several years denied citizens of Africa of their dignity and growth.The traditional ruler and entrepreneur who bemoaned the socio-economic conditions of most African countries, attributed the situation to the unfair means by which most African leaders manage resources.

“I am always worried that the poverty has been with most of us in the country and a lot of all Africans and the black race. That is what allowed President Trump to refer to us as shithole countries. We as leaders have the responsibility to work hard to take our people out of poverty so we can earn the respect of other nations; so we can restore dignity to the black man. Extremely important! When you study the likes of Haiti; it was mentioned by President Trump and of course across Africa, the missing ingredient has always been lack of fairness, corruption and etc” he lamented.

Trump was reported to have made the unsavoury comments about Africa and some countries including Haiti while complaining about immigrants coming to the US.

The alleged comment has been met with a lot of anger and dissatisfaction from most Africans and their leaders.

Togbe Afede was speaking at the Regional House of Chiefs during a meeting between Chiefs in the region and the Committee looking into the creation of a new region out of the Volta Region.

The Chief commended the President for appointing Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor, adding that the government must commit fully to fighting corruption and ensuring fairness in all governance processes.

“… I applaud the President again for the bold decision in appointing Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor. It is in the same spirit that we have to conduct this exercise of deciding whether Volta Region is better as one for the people or better as two or three. And therefore I urge fairness. Fairness has been the missing ingredient in most of the black world. Whenever people decide to cheat, of course, there is disharmony” he added

President Nana Akufo-Addo, in fulfilling the demand for the creation of four new regions constituted a nine-member Commission of Inquiry to look into the proposals for the regions.

The meeting, which was led by the Committee Chairman, Justice S. A. Brobbey, was to, among other things, seek the views of the traditional leaders on the demand for the creation of a new region out of the Volta Region.

They are expected to embark on a public hearing in some selected areas in the region to receive inputs from the people.

By: King Nobert Akpablie/