Jeremiah 31:33b

I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.


God has written a moral code of conducts  within the heart of every believer.

Believers are not under any obligation to comply with any commandments or rules and regulations as a way of seeing the one through God as it was done to our forefathers when God gave them commandments(laws).

Within our hearts are written code of conduct as a blueprint on which believers could follow, these blueprints are guided by the Holy Ghost who is the custodian and the key of these moral values.


This to me is one of the greatest thing that had ever happened to the Lord’s kingdom since we move along with (carry)  the Holy Spirit who is there to convict us of our sins and leads to eternal righteousness and perfection.


As a result we are always accountable to the Holy Spirit day by day who judges us through our hearts as a means of ringing in our hearts the mandate or responsibility bestowed on us.


The Bible declares in the books of Corinthians, the first book that our body (heart) is the temple of God and for this reason we should glorify God in our body.

This reminds me of the reason for gathering of saint’s: where the name of God is magnified and glorified as well as learning the word of God through the ministration of the Holy Spirit, same is required by us as our heart being the vessel of the Holy Spirit He teaches us the doctrines of God and perfect our salvation as well as convicting us of sins.


The Holy Spirit is your blueprint for living a holy acceptable life pleasing to God. You have now the power (mind) to decide matters of good and evil in you.

Stay tuned to the promptings of the Holy Spirit He is your blueprint and all that you  have and all that you could have. Nana opoku


#Never blame God if you misses heaven

#You have the master key to heaven all by yourself.

By Pastor Raymond David Addo