Baby loses penis in botched circumcision

A two-month-old baby boy has lost his penis in a botched circumcision exercise at Akauapim Mamfe in the Eastern region.

The circumcision was allegedly carried out by retired midwife.

The midwife, during excision of the foreskin of the penis, accidentally cut off the entire piece.

The baby boy, according to a family source, bled profusely and nearly ended in a hypovolemic shock.

The midwife, in an attempt to salvage the situation, allegedly attempted to stitch the botched penis but failed.

A  herbal concoction was administered to the baby but failed to improve the situation.

It is unclear if the retired midwife is licensed to carry out circumcision and whether or not her facility is accredited.

The Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital reportedly attempted to amputate the penis but the family did not consent.

The baby is currently on admission at the hospital and expected to undergo a reconstructive surgery to correct the  defect.

Starr News’ Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah reports that the family is currently struggling to pay for some of the prescribed drugs to be administered before the surgery is performed.

Sources say the Eastern Regional Hospital has recorded worrying trend of   botched circumcisions  in the last few months.

Source: starrfm