Asamoah Gyan reveals consulting Mallams, Pastors to enhance career

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan, has sparked a huge and unending debate in football by revealing that he consults Mallams as well as Pastors to fortify himself for matches.

The Black Stars skipper stated that, football game itself is spiritual in nature and seeking prayers from Mallam and Pastors is the right path for success. Gyan indicated that, the public has demonized the use of ‘Mallams’ in sports.

He added that football is a ‘spiritual work’. He noted that ‘Mallams’ are just like pastors, and that in the Islamic religion, there was nothing wrong with consulting them to pray for an individual.

“You can’t just rise up and say you’re going to play football because it is a spiritual exercise,”Gyan told Delay. “People have just used the word Mallam to mean something out of this world.

Just as pastors lead Christians in prayers, Mallams lead Muslims in prayer. So there si nothing wrong in them praying for you to get success in your career or any endeavor in your life.”

“You will need spiritual fortitude before you get into play and it’s not just for football but every other work.” He admitted that he has a spiritual father who fortifies and prays for him before he sets off to play a football game.

There have been continuous debates about whether or not African sportsmen use voodoo to ply their trade, but Gyan says praying with an Islamic cleric or a Pastor should not be demonized. –

Source: Citi Sports