Alhassan Suhuyini ordered out of Parliament

Tamale North Parliamentarian, Alhassan Suhuyini has been ordered out of the House amid wild disagreements in the plenary Wednesday afternoon.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo reported that the Speaker ordered the Minority member out for making noise.

“He was shouting on top of his voice as he walked out and then one of the guards approached and he left,” the reporter said.

Tensions rose in the House Wednesday as the Speaker asked the Minority, NDC MPs to apologise to the newest member of the House, Lydia Alhassan for tagging her as a “bloody widow” on Tuesday.

The NDC MPs, however, said they would not apologise for their action and rather called for a review of the ruling.

Deputy Minority leader James Avedzi noted that the use of placards in the House was not new.

He noted that the use of placards is not always sanctioned by the leadership of the Minority and it would be difficult to identify the persons who carried the placards bearing the “Bloody Widow,” so the leadership of the Minority would not apologise.

The Speaker has since noted that the clerk of Parliament reviews the footages and identify the individual MPs who held the “bloody widow” tag so they face the Privileges Committee of Parliament.


On Tuesday, while Lydia Alhassan was being sworn into office as MP, the NDC MPs boycotted the event. While marching out they hurled placards tagged “bloody widow.”

Mrs. Alhassan is the wife of the late Emmanuel Agyarko, who was the MP for Ayawaso West Wuogon until his passing in November 2018.

His widow, Lydia Alhassan contested and won the seat. But the NDC is disgruntled because there was violence at La Bawaleshie close to one of the polling centres in the constituency on voting day.

They want a probe into the violence and they also demanded that the entire results be annulled because of the La Bawaleshie disturbances.