Permit me to sing to you about my lover – the one who willingly stood in my stead and died for me.

He did it not out of compulsion but out of joy and love for me.

When He was caught and slapped, He did not talk – O, yes, it was because of me that my redeemer was caught.

It was in the garden of Gethsemane that my lover was caught so that He will be send to the palace to be interrogated.

I ask myself, “my lover has never sinned; so, which law are they going to use to judge Him?” As expected, through false accusations and hatred, He was sentenced to death.

Come and see the torture. He was beaten, whipped and slapped.

Somebody who had just woke up and had not spitted spat on my lover.

They covered His face, gave Him several blows and ask Him ridiculously, “Who slapped you?” To make things worse, they put on His head, a thorny crown, forced it into His head with blood oozing profusely from His head.

He was beaten to the extent that His back turned like a raw meat not because of anything wrong He had done; but, it was because of me.

He was asked to carry a heavy cross from Jerusalem to Golgotha where He will be crucified.

As a result of being exhausted, He could not so was helped someone.

Right there on Golgotha, rusted nails were driven into His hands and His legs after He had been put on a cross.

O, on that sunny Friday afternoon, my lover cried bitterly, “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” Friends, my lover died for me, His name is JESUS CHRIST.

Friends, He could have called ten thousand angels to have helped Him out but, because of me, my salvation, He refused.

What can I give back this great lover of mine for His precious sacrifice? Should it be gossip, fornication, hatred, maliciousness, bitterness against my friends, stealing, murdering people…?

God forbid, I should not do that but I should offer my body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God.

If this lover is your lover too, then type Amen in the comment box. God bless you.

By: Pastor Raymond