40-foot trailer tumbles on Circle overpass

The head of a 40-foot trailer was severed from its body and together with a container full of bags of sugar fell off from the overpass at a height not less than 15 feet, tumbling down on two commercial vehicles beneath the overpass which were thankfully without passengers.

One other container was left hanging menacingly on the overpass waiting its turn to take a tumble, with the boat of the trailer piercing through the frail rail that was to act as a shield.

Thousands gathered with their phones high up the overpass, others much closer to the action down the overpass, all of whom took shots, videos of a terrible accident, heaving a greater sigh of relief that no casualty was recorded.

The driver of the trailer survived what was an appointment with death but was not immediately available for comment. So too were the drivers of the two commercial vehicles

It is not immediately clear what may have caused the accident but eye witnesses claim the driver of the trailer vehicle with registration number GT 5557U may possibly have lost control. One of two commercial vehicles which was without passengers but had a driver suffered severe dents from the head of trailer which fell on it.

Source :myjoyonline