3 men found dead with body parts missing in Ashaiman

Three men in Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region have been found dead with their bodies mutilated.

The three included two security men.

The bodies of the three; Ibrahim Bagada Sumaila, Joshua Afuugu and Kobina, were discovered at different locations on Sunday, according to a police communiqué sighted by Citi News.

At the Police Hospital, preliminarily examination unearthed that deceased persons Ibrahim Bagada Sumaila, 70, and Kobina have their tongues cut off whilst deceased, Joshua Afuugu, 35, had his left eye removed.”

At 6 am on Sunday, a report was made to the Ashaiman charge office that Ibrahim Bagada Sumaila, aged 70, had been murdered and his head covered with his attire.

Police detectives went to the scene of the crime, the Apsonic shop, and found the lifeless security man with blood oozing from his eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth.

The police said this suggested, “that some organs have been removed from the head part.”

Police also noted that there was “no attempted break-in detected” at the shop.

When the body was being transported to the police hospital, the police got word that another security man at the Kasapreko warehouse opposite Ashaiman Senior High had also been found dead.

“Police went there and saw another watchman only known as Kobina, 70 years, murdered and his face covered with his clothes. During critical examination, it was detected that part of his head had been removed but the Kasapreko warehouse was devoid of any break-in.”

After the second body was found, police also got reports that a third man had been murdered at Talaku near Ashaiman roundabout.

“Police went there and saw one Josuah Afuugu, 35 years, also murdered and his clothes used to cover his head who was not a watchman but sleeps in front of SOFAAMY glass shop. Critical examination on his body also unearthed an eye removed but no shop was tempered with. All the three bodies were conveyed to Police Hospital for preservation and autopsy.”

Police have said investigations are still ongoing.