3 injured over clash with land guards at Pokuase

Three persons have sustained injuries at Pokuase Amanfrom in Accra as land guards clash with residents in a land dispute.

One Mohammed Dani Baba is being accused of busing land guards to the town with some excavators to demolish buildings on a land he claims belongs to him.

The locals have vowed to stop the intended demolition which has generated into serious altercations and minor clashes, resulting in injuries.

Speaking in an interview with Starr News’ Daniel Nii Lartey, the incensed residents, especially women, described Baba as a tormentor who is “giving them a hell of time.”

“The case was sent to court and he lost but he wants to use force to claim the land,” a resident said.

“Mohammed is tormenting us. Government should help us. Women are suffering. He is troubling us with land guards. Where is our MCE? Those of us at Pokuase Amanfrom can’t sleep. We can’t even go to work. Why?” a nursing mother yelled.

Nii Sowah, family head of the Taki Ayensu We, told Starr News Baba is only resorting to the backdoor to claim the land, arguing a ruling was in their favour and for him [Baba] to come today “we don’t understand.”

The local government authorities and the police were yet to arrive at the scene at the time of filing this report.

Source: starrfm