25-year-old arrested for stabbing prostitute

A 25-year-old trader identified as Abdul Mugeez has been arrested by Prestea police for stabbing and robbing a prostitute.

The incident occurred at Prestea in the Prestea Huni Valley District of the Western Region.

According to the woman in question, she heard a knock on the door so she quickly rushed to open the door, thinking the person knocking could be a customer.

Unfortunately, not knowing it was Abdul Mugeez who immediately barged in and threatened the woman to give him all her money and phone or he will slaughter her.

She said quickly she made it known to the armed robber that she could only part with her money and everything he asked for, but not her phone.

According to the commercial worker, this was because that phone being requested was what she was using ti get in touch with all her customers.

Speaking in an interview, the Prestea Hunni Valley police commander Supt. Atsu Djineku, confirmed the incident, and stated that within that night they got a hint of Abdul ‘s hide out and quickly arrested him.

He said the police upon interrogating the suspect asked Abdul exactly what he was doing in the lady’s room.

Again he said the suspect had nothing tangible to say about the case and couldn’t give any reason for subjecting the victim to the trauma.

The commander said based on his own silence on the matter, he will be put before the court to justify what informed his decision to barge into the lady’s room to threaten her.

Source: The Finder